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Being and Evolution

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This is a section from my book, The Woman Out Of Now.

Lucia’s thoughts gathered around the source and meaning of the human capacity to love.

She realized it is as a trace of the primal desire of Being to extend existence in the form of mind and matter – the fabric of existence. The ancients knew it as Eros.

Just as Being is beyond our normal, human experience, so is the pure urge and power of that primal desire to create. Because Being is beyond mind and matter, humanity in its normal waking mode perceives Being as pure emptiness. But Being includes mind, matter and the personal within its matrix of all possibilities. It is pure and infinite potential. While the full experience of Being is beyond humanity, its physical and mental existence comes directly from this source and in that sense they contain traces of Being within themselves. All humanity shares in that process and all humanity shares in the power of creation.

The unification of mind and matter lies in the essence of Being and so the physical and the conscious both contain the traces of pure potential. Both have a deep connection to Being,

They are two separate streams of existence. But within the physical stream are the seeds of evolution and this leads to increasingly complex levels of existence. Matter builds on itself and moves from particle to atom to molecules to organic compounds to cells to organisms and eventually to the human form. Through each level there is a desire to continue existence. Each level contains also an aspect of consciousness compatible with its level of complexity. As the physical climbs the evolutionary ladder the trace of consciousness becomes stronger. In organisms the desire to survive becomes a fear of death. This fear is necessary for an organism to grow and continue its existence. It is a necessary affect of the evolutionary process and it is normal and necessary to the survival of a species. But there is also a danger in this fear.

To be continued.

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We are working on ways to isolate antimatter. This involves suspending these particles in an almost complete vacuum. Possibly this could happen in the vacuum of outer space.

We see the constant production of antimatter all around us because of the nuclear decay of unstable forms of the basic elements. But they instantly encounter ordinary matter and annihilate. We detect the high energy electromagnetic radiation resulting from these encounters. This happens almost immediately unless the antiparticles are completely isolated.

“But where do these particles come from and how are they generated”, asked Blake.

“Dirac proposed an interesting theory as to their origin. He speculated that our space is full of negative energy particles which because of their negative energy are almost completely invisible. Positive energy particles make up all matter that surrounds us and we consist of.

Dirac delved into the origin of his new particles, which were later called positrons and had been previously detected. He speculated the presence of layers of negative energy electrons. I should mention that besides matter-antimatter particles another phenomenon had been detected. This was the creation of antimatter–matter pairs. High energy electromagnetic radiation of just the right energy to match the mass energy of the matter-antimatter particles suddenly transforms into two particles. This is the opposite of annihilation.

‘Dirac explained this by proposing that the gamma rays strike a negative energy electron and had given it enough energy to jump into our positive energy space. At the same time it had created a hole in the negative energy space which we perceive as a positron.’

‘ If what Dirac proposed was true then indeed space becomes a marvelous and mysterious entity. The negative energy level of particles is one of the constituents of the space of our universe. There is obviously a close connection between matter, energy and space.

This opens a richness of possibilities and a possible explanation for the increasing rate of expansion of the universe. The cosmologists from the old times posited the presence of what they called dark energy as a possible explanation for the expansion.

This was contradictory to the notion that our universe sprang into existence from an enormous explosion they called the Big Bang. The force of this primal event flung energy and matter outward and the cooling that followed led to the formation of all of the constituents of our universe from atoms to stars to galaxies. Energy and matter both exert gravitational force and this should slow the expansion.

But this is contrary to what cosmologists found. In fact the expansion is not slowing down. They theorized that this mysterious dark energy was creating a force that was increasing the rate of expansion. They had few ideas as to how or why this was happening.

Some said the strength of the gravitational force for some mysterious reason changed during different time periods. But they had no explanation for how or why.’

‘We go back to Dirac’s notion of how matter and antimatter came out of negative energy matter. We propose that this matter actually exerts a repulsive gravitational force rather than the usual attraction exerted by ordinary matter.’

‘Where there is an absence of ordinary matter in intergalactic space the negative energy particles exert a repulsive force on matter within galaxies, increasing the rate of expansion.’

“What you are talking about is essentially antigravity. If we could isolate negative energy particles we could create a whole new technology giving us the ability to fly anywhere. The combinations of antimatter/matter energy and anti gravity could allow us to develop a totally new civilization”. Blake was jubilant at bringing heaven to Earth.

These are projects my students can begin working on. Many of our young people are wanting to pursue new research. We have many who want to gain a deeper understanding of nature and its laws and we have many who want to apply those laws to produce technologies that will benefit every living being on Earth,” Alpha added.

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The Evolution of Hestia

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From the upcoming novel  The Dancer From Beyond


She follows this evolution and watches the formation of atoms, stars, planets… She feels the power of Being, the source of Existence, in each step of the evolution, a power she feels in this realm as the deepest form of love. Woven into this development are the laws that make material existence possible. These are the laws that we struggle to discover. They are the warp and woof of the tapestry we call material existence.

She stands outside this as pure consciousness, for Being expresses consciousness in different ways. While the laws of consciousness differ from the laws of matter, they are both expressions of the Source. While matter and physical energy constantly transform back and forth into each other, their totality must stay the same, at least in our closed universe. Consciousness has no such restriction. Nor is it confined in space and time but moves instantly through all the universes and beyond.

She watches as the laws of Being inexorably mold material existence. The mysterious and glorious laws, we discover and yes invent (for because of our origins in Being, there is no difference).

Hestia experiences the wonder and the incredible beauty as she watches our place, our universe expand and grow in ever increasing complexity. She watches as congregations of matter form into dust and gases, pushed by gravity, the bass rhythm of Being. And she watches as the faster tempo of electromagnetism gathers electrons and protons to form hydrogen. She feels the nuclear forces build neutrons and combine them with protons creating the nuclear centers of helium. All of this comes out of the primordial soup of quarks and leptons streaming through the dying star, the black hole, that was the parent of our universe. Gravity pulls all of these together out of the streaming gases and dust, and under the incredible pressure of their mass, forms proto-stars, squeezing them together to ignite the stellar furnaces.

With Hydrogen the process of star building begins. And finally the strong nuclear force saves the neutrons, by combining them with protons, since in solitude they barely hold themselves together. The combination of two protons and two neutrons form Helium, the second of the star building atoms. In the form of dust and gas these elements push outwards into the newly forming bubble of space and time. These are the inseparable processes and elements of Being, of existence.

Watching and waiting, she sees all the many levels of consciousness join with these new entities. She waits as the evolutionary process creates more forms that allow a more complex consciousness to combine with an awareness similar to hers. She recognizes this as the beginning of the formation of minds.

She watches as these and all the other driving processes, the fabric of Being, generate a universe of suns, planets and ultimately life. She sees the awakening, aware forms of consciousness wed at last with the evolving organisms. And again through processes that cannot be separated from Being these organisms evolve into higher and higher states of awareness. In all of this she sees the unity of Being and feels less alone. She knows that after eons of separateness she will at last find belonging.

Each stage of the evolution accompanies a new level of vibration and it is this that attracts her to one special world. She senses shifts in vibration as this world evolves through each of its developmental stages. These signal to her a rise in a level of consciousness. But often this is followed by a loss. She feels something strange, something she could only sense in the higher levels of Being. She senses what we call love in those beings where the wedding of mind and body is growing toward completion. She herself does not love in her present form because she is no longer wedded to the physical, but she recognized that love for these beings is a trace of the power and energy of Existence.

As she experiences all the elements of Being, she realized above all that she wants to feel love. She recognized that in their purest form love and joy are the same.

To be close to these beings, these earth humans, as she came to know them she would have to take their form. She too would have to become human, at least physically.

She gathers the elements of her former physical existence, the particles of pure electric charge moving at high energies, connecting and disconnecting to form the neural networks compatible with consciousness. She enters a star, a ball of pure plasma and surrounds herself with the elements she needs.

In this form she approaches earth and assembles the knowledge and materials to become fully human. Electromagnetic radiation carries the knowledge she needs to understand Earth, its history and culture. From the myths and legends abounding in all of Earth’s civilizations she gathers herself into who she wants to be. She chooses Helen of Troy, Isis, Aphrodite and many of the other figures from myth and spiritual traditions as her ideals. Finally she is ready.