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The Birth of the Golden City

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This is a section from my next book, The Dancer From Beyond I am now in the process of writing. In it Lucia recalls the events in my former book, The Woman Out Of Now.

Lucia remembered the struggle over the puritanical, fundamentalist regime. The fanatical tyrant who ruled over them used all the violent means at his command to subjugate them. It was a contest between his ability to destroy them and their ability to affect the consciousness of all who lived in the slavery compounds. This included the police and other leaders under the rule of the Holy Enforcer, who the ruling corporations had put in charge of controlling the people.

She recalled how they began by using images, music and poetry to awaken those who they could reach to the true nature of their infinite being.   But the process was slow and they were losing the race against time before the tyrant would destroy them.

She recalled the events that eventually led to their success. Through her, the Artist and their followers, the level of caring throughout the city hadgrown beyond a critical level. Caring flowed naturally from the deep love the inhabitants began to feel for each other. She knew this love is a trace of the primal desire of Being to extend existence in the form of mind and matter. It is the fabric of existenceBecause Being is beyond mind and matter, humanity in its normal waking mode perceives Being as pure emptiness. Being includes mind, matter and the personal within its matrix of all possibilities. It is pure and infinite potential. While the full experience of Being is beyond humanity, physical and mental existence comes directly from this source and in that sense they also contain traces of Being within themselves. We all share in that process and power of creation.

Matter and Mind are two separate streams of existence. Within the physical stream are the seeds of evolution and this leads to increasingly complex levels of existence. Matter builds on itself and moves from particle to atom to molecules to organic compounds to cells to organisms and eventually to the human form. Through each level there is a desire to continue existence. Each level contains also an aspect of consciousness compatible with its level of complexity. As the physical climbs the evolutionary ladder the trace of consciousness becomes stronger.

To move up the evolutionary ladder organisms must have a will to survive. This is the source of the fear of death. This fear is necessary for the organism to grow and continue their existence. It is a necessary product of the evolutionary process and it is normal and necessary for the survival of a species.

However when organisms reach the level of complexity compatible with all the elements of human consciousness, a complication can occur. In certain individual the fear can be driven into the deep recesses of the human mind. It becomes obsessive and overwhelming. In certain individuals fear turns into a hunger for control through greed and power. It overwhelms any sense of caring for others and leads to tyrannical and despotic behavior.

For certain individuals such as the Holy Enforcer the obsession for safety lead to the enslavement and exploitation of the rest of humanity.   He was the tyrant who controlled the people for the corporate leaders who now ruled the majority of the nation.

While most individuals have some of these tendencies to a certain degree they are open to an awakening that allows them to become aware or their connection to Being and their eternal existence. But for the truly insane, who are completely ruled by obsessive fear, there is no way to reach them. They are completely blocked.

This was the situation Lucia and Blake faced in what became the Golden city. They needed to reach all those who were open to the awakening and they needed to do this before the regime destroyed them. Initially they worked through word of mouth and personal contact. They then moved to art exhibitions deep in the basements of the derelict buildings surrounding the compounds. The images, music, poetry and dancing opened those who participated to the awakening. They were able to gather a small number of awakened ones. They knew that the majority of the humans who lived in the compounds were open to a change in consciousness if they could somehow expose them to the true reality of their being and destiny. They knew even the majority of those who were part of the regime could be reached. They had to find a way to open the whole city to the true nature of human potential. The task seemed almost hopeless until they found themselves in the presence of the Others.

In the Now there remain those beings who are part of the stream of consciousness and who do not possess a physical presence. They are beings of pure consciousness. They are our aspects who have not entered the physical realm of our universe. In the past they were known as angels. They cannot physically interfere in our reality but they work by subtly influencing us.

Each of us exists simultaneously in the Now as pure consciousness and as a physical body in this universe.

Some of our old religions had the idea of a guardian angel. Many of us had the notion of a guardian angel, but our particular guardian angel is actually who we are as pure consciousness. We are our own guardian angel. By opening ourselves to the awareness of our true nature we open the world to the presence of these pure spirits.

Because the level of pure consciousness in the city had risen, the city had now become open to the presence of this other aspect of our nature. And the others provided the means to reach the entire city.

The realm of the Now is the realm of eternal light. The scientist of the past realized that to a beam of light everything in the universe occurs at once. What is true for light tells of the nature of time in the Now. The Now is the realm of eternity where everything happens at one. This is why we exist in both the state of pure consciousness and the physical state at once. It also means that the Others were beings of light and they had the power to form and mold light into images that would show us the world as it could and eventually would be. They knew that if we could see the images of who we are we would open to the reality of who we truly are. By manipulating light they would help us project images of the nature of Being into the world. They would help us project the golden cloud.

Together with the Others, Lucia recalled that she and her followers projected these golden images across the city. Accompanying these images was an unearthly music that moved and vibrated along with the images. The city was experiencing a heaven on earth for the first time. They were experiencing the full beauty of who they are and where they came from. The love that is the fabric of existence permeated their entire senses filling them with the knowledge of what they would become.

The effect paralyzed the regime. The military and the police joined the throngs of joyous celebrating people. The leaders who were directly under the rule of the Holy Enforcer disarmed the few who were completely blocked and could not join in the celebration.

They completely ignored the Holy Enforcer and the few who still followed him and as with all insane despots they lost all their power without their followers. Shorn of their power they left the city to join the national corporate rulers.

Lucia knew that the corporations who were the rulers of the entire nation would stop at nothing to destroy the golden city. She realized that they needed to find a way to awaken the entire country. There was no way they could blanket the entire nation with the golden cloud. They had to find a new way


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Vibrations Biagi

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Vibrations                 Biagi


There are two things I am certain of:  I exist and I am conscious. From here I move into speculations regarding the world we live in. These involve both art and science, ultimately leading to a vision of who we are and where we come from-in other words to questions of spirituality.

My recent book The Woman Out of Now starts from this point of view.

In The Woman Out of Now I write: “ In Being, outside all the universes, there is only vibration. There is no near or far, all is one.  We are all one. The only differences are differences of vibration.”

Physics may not be able to give us direct information about the spiritual world but it does point in certain directions.  Quantum theory tells us that underlying our world of concrete objects is a world of moving vibrations, quantum waves. I think of them as waves of existence.

The basic building blocks of our physical world, the stuff of all matter and forces, appear as these waves. Quantum waves give us the probability one of these entities will appear at a particular place with a particular energy. But as waves they are in multiple locations at once or move with multiple speeds and energies at once.  It is not until some process collapses all of these possibilities into one actuality, one place and time, or one level of energy, that we see the actual entity.  What does this say about us and about our world since it is physically made of these entities?

The mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead called these entities enduring objects. He distinguished between these and what he called eternal objects. These are the objects of our consciousness:  shape, beauty, goodness. Our reality is a coming together of these enduring and eternal objects.

In The Woman Out of Now these appear as the physical and the conscious stream and they come together in us as mind and matter.

In the case quantum waves, what is waving?  What is vibrating? To me a quantum wave is an oscillation between existence and non-existence.  The wave itself contains no matter or energy.  It is pure information.  They are a bridge between consciousness and matter.

But In what space is this wave moving?  The answer may seem obvious.  We assume in the ordinary space of the world we inhabit.  But it is now evident that particles can influence each other instantaneously over great distances.  This brings us to the deeper issues of entanglement and non-locality.  Topics I will cover in further articles.

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From The Woman Out of Now

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I am new and yet old. I come out of Now, beyond past present and future. I am the past and the future. I always was and always will be, just as all the universes always were and always will be, just as you always were and always will be. We are creatures of all the universes, born out of love, because existence is love.

She sings of how our consciousness passes through exploding suns and of our joy and wonder as amidst all the gathering gases and dust a new star is born and of our entrance into this star and of our presence as the physical gathers and coalesces. Her song tells us we are the watchers guiding the the creation of our new home, our earth, a cocoon for the further march of evolution. She sings of the seas and the amoeba and the increasingly beautiful complexity, of the gradual shift of the physical until it takes a form, a body as we join it. And all of this happens in the now, in the present as we dance.

She sings and her voice touches all the longing in my heart. She sings of something beyond all language, outside our world, a place that knows no limitations in space and time.


She sings of Being, of the Source, beyond all mind and matter, of our immense journey through all the universes, of our entry into this universe. Of two streams the conscious and the physical, and how they enter this universe as it blossoms from the Source, the tree of all universes.

She sings of being, of how the physical travels with us birthing the splendor of stars and galaxies and how, in this very moment we are passing through the burning centers of stars watching as they drift together to form galaxies.

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Deep Reality

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A New Mythology

Membrance  – The Call