From The Woman Out of Now

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From The Woman Out of Now

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I am new and yet old. I come out of Now, beyond past present and future. I am the past and the future. I always was and always will be, just as all the universes always were and always will be, just as you always were and always will be. We are creatures of all the universes, born out of love, because existence is love.

She sings of how our consciousness passes through exploding suns and of our joy and wonder as amidst all the gathering gases and dust a new star is born and of our entrance into this star and of our presence as the physical gathers and coalesces. Her song tells us we are the watchers guiding the the creation of our new home, our earth, a cocoon for the further march of evolution. She sings of the seas and the amoeba and the increasingly beautiful complexity, of the gradual shift of the physical until it takes a form, a body as we join it. And all of this happens in the now, in the present as we dance.

She sings and her voice touches all the longing in my heart. She sings of something beyond all language, outside our world, a place that knows no limitations in space and time.


She sings of Being, of the Source, beyond all mind and matter, of our immense journey through all the universes, of our entry into this universe. Of two streams the conscious and the physical, and how they enter this universe as it blossoms from the Source, the tree of all universes.

She sings of being, of how the physical travels with us birthing the splendor of stars and galaxies and how, in this very moment we are passing through the burning centers of stars watching as they drift together to form galaxies.