Being and Evolution

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Being and Evolution

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This is a section from my book, The Woman Out Of Now.

Lucia’s thoughts gathered around the source and meaning of the human capacity to love.

She realized it is as a trace of the primal desire of Being to extend existence in the form of mind and matter – the fabric of existence. The ancients knew it as Eros.

Just as Being is beyond our normal, human experience, so is the pure urge and power of that primal desire to create. Because Being is beyond mind and matter, humanity in its normal waking mode perceives Being as pure emptiness. But Being includes mind, matter and the personal within its matrix of all possibilities. It is pure and infinite potential. While the full experience of Being is beyond humanity, its physical and mental existence comes directly from this source and in that sense they contain traces of Being within themselves. All humanity shares in that process and all humanity shares in the power of creation.

The unification of mind and matter lies in the essence of Being and so the physical and the conscious both contain the traces of pure potential. Both have a deep connection to Being,

They are two separate streams of existence. But within the physical stream are the seeds of evolution and this leads to increasingly complex levels of existence. Matter builds on itself and moves from particle to atom to molecules to organic compounds to cells to organisms and eventually to the human form. Through each level there is a desire to continue existence. Each level contains also an aspect of consciousness compatible with its level of complexity. As the physical climbs the evolutionary ladder the trace of consciousness becomes stronger. In organisms the desire to survive becomes a fear of death. This fear is necessary for an organism to grow and continue its existence. It is a necessary affect of the evolutionary process and it is normal and necessary to the survival of a species. But there is also a danger in this fear.

To be continued.