Artist Statement

My concerns are the unseeable structures in our consciousness and in the physical world.  This is related to my belief that image making, along with science, is concerned with extending the boundaries of human experience and knowledge.

This belief grew over a number of years out of a need to satisfy two desires.  One was to understand how our physical world emerged from the quantum and relativistic behaviors of the sub atomic world.  I wanted to know how our universe came to be.  The other was to find images that expressed the mystery and richness of our consciousness in relation to the ideas and philosophical implications of contemporary physics.

After over thirty five years of both part-time and full-time teaching in physics and math, I took an early retirement to pursue full-time drawing and painting.  I did so because I hoped to find another kind of knowledge, a knowledge that is non-discursive and goes beyond language whether ordinary or mathematical, experienced knowledge.  The physical act of making images can bring this knowledge into conscious awareness. This also involves constant exploration to find the materials and processes that uncover the protoforms underlying our perceptions of the world.  To me it is a constant “what if…” process.

My search is based on the belief that mind and nature are one and I reflect this unity in the poetry and images in my book, The Book of the Eternal Now:Towards a new Mythology . My images and poetry allude to what is not present to our immediate experience in a search for the sublime and the infinite in nature.

My works are visual metaphors for a number of themes: the infinite potential of emptiness ( the vacuum state ), all  of time present in the eternal now (the time of light), and the deep reality of a world carried by quantum waves.

I am not so much interested in psychology or emotion as in the questions of how and why the world is – to show the mystery at the heart of existence.  And finally all of these ideas culminate in a wish for images that do not exist but that I long to see.

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